Are you worth saving?

The world is coming to an end! But don’t fear. If you’re one of the top minds on Earth, you can earn a seat on a spaceship to your new home planet.

Luminary puts a fresh spin on classic mind exercises. Beat your high scores in four brain-busting categories of mini games like Memory, Numbers & Mathematics, Spatial Cognition, and Attention while Multitasking. Think you’re a star? Now you can think your way to the stars!

Are you smarter than your friends? Go ahead and prove it. Do brain battle against everyone in your social network. Have you already squashed those mental half-pints? Then compete with everyone in your country. Heck, match wits with everyone in the world (while it’s still here)!

Unlock special rewards along the way, send your friends consolation prizes, and see if you have what it takes to be a survivor. Mental calisthenics have never been so much fun!