• The newest Clamor is now available for download both in the App Store, and Google Play.  While the newest version doesn't look any different, Clamor 2.0 includes some major bug fixes, as well as performance enhancements.  This is the smoothest, fastest, most fun Clamor yet.  If you haven't already done so, make sure to download the newest version today. As always, feel free to challenge me: Jedediah.  Hope to see you on the leaderboards!
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  • Speed is the name of the game in Clamor, as those who have played for a while know.  With bonus points awarded for each second left on the clock, as well as heft round bonuses, more games are won through finishing a round early than any other way.  With this in mind, here's a few tips to dramatically cut down your time, increase your score, and beat up on your competitors:   Power-ups The right combination of power-ups is essential.  Everyone has their favorite combinations, so make sure to     experiment with mixing and matching.  My go-to combo is two Freezes and a Swap. Two- and three-letter words A fairly comprehensive knowledge of legal two- and three-letter words can help you get out of a tight spot, and can dramatically increase the speed with which you can place letters onto the board.  I have had many games where the majority of the words I create consist of these small words.  Words such "qi," "za," and "xi" can also help you unload these difficult letters.   Experiment with both
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